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Looking for answers from a psychic in The Bronx

A simple Google search won’t do to find Ave Castellanos, a 47 year-old Bronx-based psychic. She doesn’t have a Yelp profile, or an Instagram or Facebook account, and yet it’s common to see a line of people waiting for her advice. The only requirement for an accurate reading is to have faith in her.

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Putting Little Yemen on The Map

A concentration of Yemeni residents live in Morris Park and Van Nest, an area now dubbed Little Yemen, even on Google Maps.

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A Boxing Gym Owner Fights to Keep His Culture Alive

El Maestro is no ordinary boxing gym, but now this vibrant cultural center is under threat.

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Caught in the Crisis: A Bronx church responds to news of clergy abuse

An independent board decides that the evidence against a priest who served in a South Bronx church between 1969 to 1995 has credible and substantiated allegations of clergy abuse against him. The current priest of the church delivers this news to the parish in the middle of the dark season of sexual abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.

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Family-owned Hunts Point bakery up against the city’s anti-organized crime commission

Il Forno, a family-owned bakery in Hunts Point, is refusing to pay steep registration fees to the Business Integrity Commission, the city’s anti-mafia enforcement agency for public wholesale businesses. “Kind of like a shakedown, was what it felt like,” said Jenny Eduardo, the owner’s daughter.

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Hidden hospital courtrooms, where the mentally ill fight forced treatment

Every Wednesday a judge comes to Bronx Psychiatric Center and oversees hearings in which the hospital wants to force a patient to stay hospitalized or take treatment. How do these small makeshift courtrooms straddle the balance between respecting civil rights and ensure that patients get the treatment they need even if they don’t want it?

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U.S. Congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez may have what it takes to reverse low black voter turnout in November

“There are a lot of folks that are in other districts who are a little scared to say things like, ‘Black Lives Matter,'” 14th District Congressional Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at a local Bronx campaign rally.

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Why would a Black Republican run for State Assembly in the Bronx?

Alpheaus Marcus is a rarity, particularly in the Bronx, the borough with the highest percentage of Democrats in the city. What drove him to run as a Republican, in a race he has little chance of winning?

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