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Despite years of reform, NYC subways remain inaccessible

New York’s transit system is the largest in North America. However, only a quarter of its 472 stations are wheelchair accessible. Despite proposals to add more elevators, the planned changes can’t come soon enough.

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A Zone of Neglect

In the same area as 10 schools, 1,200 discarded syringes and syringe pieces were found scattered in Mott Haven and South Bronx. This ongoing issues has caused community members to mobilize to keep the streets safer for students.

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Bronx Puerto Rican Parade Embraces Diversity

This year’s Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade is expected to be a strong showing of the Bronx’s growing ethnic diversity.

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Elizabeth Warren holds her largest rally yet in NYC

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew what was her largest ever crowd of roughly 20,000 at a rally in Washington Square Park Monday night.

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A Rare Breed At The Hunts Point Fruit Market

Hidden in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the South Bronx is the largest food market in the world. Entry is $3 and all are welcome, but few apart from the industrious obsessives who run the market ever come. Even they are increasingly rare.

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BankNote building, in Hunts Point, South Bronx

Cryptocurrency Comes to The Bronx

Twenty-eight percent of residents in East Tremont and Morrisania have no bank accounts. One Bronx high school teacher believes cryptocurrency may be the answer.

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Majora Carter warns of ‘brain drain’ while community members fear displacement

Majora Carter is concerned that the Bronx is experiencing a talent retention problem, but some Bronx residents would say otherwise.

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Looking for answers from a psychic in The Bronx

A simple Google search won’t do to find Ave Castellanos, a 47 year-old Bronx-based psychic. She doesn’t have a Yelp profile, or an Instagram or Facebook account, and yet it’s common to see a line of people waiting for her advice. The only requirement for an accurate reading is to have faith in her.

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