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Sandy Bears Down on the Battered Bronx

About two-thirds of the Bronx is categorized as Zone B, meaning residents can expect a moderate possibility of evacuation.

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Bronx Students Protest Presence of Police School Safety Officers

New York Police Department School Safety Division data reveals that 30 percent of the total arrests and 51 percent of the total summons were issued in the Bronx.

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Bronx Moms Meet Up for Halloween Costume Swap

Throgs Neck mothers met at a costume swap to economize before an expensive holiday.

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Latino Voters Say No Way to Romney

A BronxInk survey found that 90 percent of Hispanic voters were planning to vote for President Barack Obama; 0 percent for his Republican challenger

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Skepticism over East Tremont Initiative to Fight Crime with Whistles

The program aims to distribute whistles that elderly citizens will blow if they are in danger.

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A Pelham Parkway Diner Defies the Odds in a Harsh Economy

The Liberty Diner expands in an economy that has been tough on small businesses.

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Burned Quran could be a hate crime

Police are looking for the suspect who left a burned Quran in front of a Bedford Park mosque

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Fueling the Future

Fueling the Future

As his arms reach deeper into the canister outside of a pizzeria in Morris Park, Jean Joachim looks away. “Sometimes you see dead rats,” he says. “Not at this restaurant though- they’re pretty good with the oil.” Joachim, a service technician works for Tri-State Biodiesel (TSB), a green energy start-up that collects used cooking oil from restaurants and converts it into biodiesel.

On Wednesday night, Joachim and his manager, Andrew McCloud are harvesting oilcans from Patricia’s. Famous for their brick oven pizza and Tuscan-style fare, the family-owned restaurant also dishes out a healthy serving of grease, 70 gallons a week to be exact. Not to its customers of course, but to TSB, which collects it for free and ships it to a refinery where it gets transformed into biodiesel.

To prevent restaurants from dumping oil into kitchen sinks, New York City requires businesses to install a mechanism to collect grease and provide proof of regular waste disposal through an outside collection service. Restaurants that do not adhere to the rules properly can be fined up to $10,000. [more..]

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